Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Lot Goes On (But Nothing Happens)

I've had a song by Ben Lee stuck in my head lately. The title is ripped from the chorus of the song. Most of you will probably not know who Ben Lee is, but that's okay. I can wait here while you open a new tab, search him out on Google, and maybe watch a YouTube clip or two. I find, despite his age (and I know age doesn't mean squat sometimes compared to talent and ability) that some of his stuff is rather insightful.

I've moved house. I made the long drive north (about 16 hours all told, that I managed in one go) to be closer to my daughter (who I may or may not get to see more often now), to increase my chances of finding not only a good job, but one that pays good money (I've had a couple of interviews for one job that will pay more than I've ever been paid before), and to get away from the place I was staying (things were becoming a little crowded and claustrophobic for me). One of my friends once (well, more than once, but you know what I mean) that it doesn't matter where you go, or who you spend your time with, you're always there, and you have to learn to love yourself. Most of the time I tolerate myself, but I'm pretty sure that's not what she means.

I'm still really settling in here - it hasn't even been two weeks yet. I still need to make the space I have my own, get back into a bit of a routine with my writing (which, sadly, has been on the back burner trying to get settled here), and get a bed (something which is a more expensive endeavor than I had thought).

I'm well and truly no longer engaged. I'm not really sure where I am even at with that relationship. I still love the girl, want to spend the rest of my life with her, but she's in the USA and I am not, and she's in a state of transition (after a fashion) herself. I spend some of my days sad, lonely, and wondering what I'm doing. Is it any wonder I want to escape into a world of fantasy that I (mostly) control?

The Dragon's Spine is now up for sale at a variety of places. The Amazon link is at the top of the page (and through the magic of technology, you can just click on the name!), as is the Eria link. You can also find it at Drive Thru Fiction and Bygone Futures. I've teamed up with the wonderful Vince Kingston from Bygone Futures for this, and future projects, because I like what Vince does, and he's a wonderful guy. You should check out his stuff. I think he's really going to go places. The Drive Thru Fiction and Bygone Futures versions include a couple of formats, because not everyone has/uses a Kindle or Kindle software (or so I've been told). Eria will also be re-released through both of those sites soon, so, if that's been a concern for some people, be concerned no more!

Lastly, but not leastly, there is already a wonderful review of The Dragon's Spine on the Amazon site (but you would have noticed that when you clicked on the link to check it out, right?). I've said it before, and I'll keep saying it until people tell me to stop (well, maybe once or twice after that) - I love reviews. They really give me a warm and fuzzy feeling. It's great to know that someone not only enjoyed something that I've created, but they also took the time to tell the world at large about it.

Okay, that's me done rambling again. Hopefully the next update will be less of a ramble, and by then (hopefully) I'll have some exciting writing news, a new bed, a job, or a combination of those things.

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