Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Kind Woodcutter and the Evil Troll

I haven't updated the blog for a while, because I've been dealing with a few real life issues. And I haven't had much to say. I open up a new post every other day, plan on writing something, and end up staring at the blank space on the page, before going off to do something else.

Today, I have dug up an old story I wrote a million years ago. It's one of two or three "fairy tales" that I put together on my Commodore 64 (which tells you about how old it is).

The Kind Woodcutter and the Evil Troll

Once upon a time there was a kind woodcutter who lived in a cabin near a big forest. One day he took his ax and a packed lunch into the big forest for a picnic.
He was wandering the forest looking for a nice spot to have his picnic, when he spied a quiet stream, with a bridge over it.
"That looks like a nice spot for my picnic," mused the kind woodcutter to himself, and walked towards the bridge.
Just then he spied an evil troll, who told him that he could not cross the bridge.
The kind woodcutter wanted to cross the bridge, and he told the evil troll this.
The evil troll said that he would let the kind woodcutter cross the bridge if he could eat his nice packed lunch.
The kind woodcutter did not like the sound of this deal and proposed another.
"I challenge you to a game of hopscotch," said the kind woodcutter, "and if you win then you may eat my nice packed lunch."
"And," said the evil troll, "if you win, then you may cross my bridge."
So the kind woodcutter and the evil troll started to play their game of hopscotch. And all the animals in the big forest came to watch.
The kind woodcutter was just about to win the game of hopscotch, when the evil troll cheated.
"That's not fair," cried the kind woodcutter, and was so angry that he took his ax and cut the evil troll's head off.
Just then lots and lots of people, all with nice packed lunches came out of the evil troll's body. They shouted and cheered for the kind woodcutter, and they all crossed the bridge together for a fine picnic.
To make sure that the bridge was safe forever from the evil troll, and his friends, the kind woodcutter stayed behind to guard the bridge, and he can be found standing their today.

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