Friday, March 28, 2014

A Teaser About My New Project/Series

Cast of Characters

Sam – Female Cat. Gray. Captain of a Lobster-Class ship. Augmented Senses. Augmented Bone Structure (Including Claws). Formerly worked with Max (Captain of a Crab-Class ship), a Male Dog (Chihuahua). There was some romantic interest between them. They parted due to a difference of opinions regarding salvage ethics.

Gavin – Male Duck. Very gifted. He's a polyglot and acts as Science and Navigation on the ship. He's Sam's un/official first mate. He has an eidetic memory, a tendency to disagree with Cameron (Male Chameleon; Ship's Mechanic), and a love of Turkey Jerky.

Luci – Female Praying Mantis. She's the ship's Pilot. She controls the ship via a sensory HUD system. She is a self-taught street fighter and definitely does not know Kung Fu. She has an Enhanced Exoskeleton, and Augmented Claws that can discharge kinetic energy (shocks) and allows increased adhesive ability. She hates scorpions.

Cameron – Male Chameleon. He's the ship's Mechanic, and is at odds with Gavin about the “right” was to repair/maintain the ship. Gavin believes it is a Science, while Cameron believes it is an Art. Cameron's methods usually work out for the best. He has an Enhanced Chameleon Ability that allows him to affect objects other than just himself.

Max – Male Dog. Chihuahua. Captain of a Crab-Class ship. Formerly partners with Sam until they had a difference of opinions. Tends to bend the rules a little more than he should, almost to breaking point. He has a patch over his left eye. This eye is Augmented to pick-up wavelengths and frequencies that normal vision can't. He is currently romantically involved with Winona (Female Rat; Ship's Navigator and Mechanic.

Winona – Female Rat. She acts as the ship's Navigator and Mechanic. She is currently involved with Max. She has Enhanced and Augmented Senses that allow her to map and visualize things as if from an external viewpoint, for a real 360 degree view.

Dwayne – Male Scorpion. He acts as Security for the ship. He has an Augmented Carapace and his stinger can inject a variety of different chemicals. He's a very nasty piece of work.

Jess – Female Kiwi. She's the ship's Pilot. She is new to the crew. She is the quiet type. 

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