Thursday, January 19, 2012

An Experiment

I decided to try something different this week, an experiment, as it were, with Eria. I decided to give it away for two days. Part of me wanted to see if people grab a copy if it was free. Part of me wanted more people to see it, and, hopefully, read it.

It went well. Copies flew out the virtual door. As I expected, most of them flew off the virtual shelves at the regular Amazon site. 10% of those numbers went from the UK site. There was even some interest from the German and French site (which was nice). No action from the Spanish or Italian site, however. I don't know whether that is because fewer people use those Amazon sites, or whether it is more of a niche thing. As my novel is in English, I feel that if it moves on the English-speaking sites, then that's a good thing.

Now that it's had a little more exposure, I'm interested to see what happens from here. Will sales pick up? Will I get more reviews? Obviously I hope the answer to both is a resounding Yes!, but we'll just have to see, really. I'd like more reviews, honestly. That would mean (to me at least) that people were reading it, and enjoying it enough (or being otherwise moved) to write something about it.

And I'm aware that it's Wednesday, and that I normally do a Monday and Friday blog update. We can blame the lack of Monday post to a technology error, or, more specifically, a user of technology error. Once I find what happened to my "About Me, Part 2" post, or rewrite it, it'll be up on Friday.

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