Friday, December 30, 2011


Having someone buy you a drink at a bar is nice. Having them buy you a drink, and tell you they like you is even better. I guess that's how I look at reviews. Someone buying your work is always a good feeling, but getting some feedback is the icing on the cake.

Someone reviewed my book Eria the other day. It was a nice little review, and they were kind enough to give it a four star rating (which is nice, too). It made my day, really. I appreciate that people are buying my stuff, and (hopefully) even reading it, and I love that someone took the time to jot some stuff down.

Of course, I know that not all the reviews that I get are going to be positive ones. I mean, that's just how things go. Not everybody likes the same things, otherwise the world would be a dull place.

I took an American Literature course at university, and I had nice things to say about every book except one. It was just awful (to my mind). I didn't like the plot, the characters didn't do anything for me, the style annoyed me - it was a painful read that I didn't enjoy at all. If I didn't have to read it for the subject, I would have put it down and read something else. Yet, a lot of people enjoy William Faulkner's stuff, and Light in August (I hear) is a good novel.

So, I expect bad reviews to come my way. I expect some people not to like it. And I'm sure I'll learn something from each and every review I get.

But, for now, I have a good one, and I'll take that, thank you very much!

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